Date night is an investment that nourishes and cares for your relationship.  Intentional sharing and meaningful time together are important to its’ health and should not be neglected.  When a couple makes the effort to spend time together and continue developing their relationship, no matter what's going on, they are more likely to grow closer, rather than apart.  Those who have "couple time" weekly are 3.5 times more likely to report being "very happy" in their relationships, compared with those who don't. Remember, it's not what you do, it's the spirit in which you do it. 



1.  You can use the predesigned dates (button to the right) in sequential order, or you can print out and cut up the included date sheets and draw one from a jar. You must do the date you draw (no redos) or the sequential date included. Even if you think "oh no, this isn't for us" etc etc etc.  Your job is to take the date as it's designed and then REDESIGN it creatively to fit your desires and physical abilities.

2.  The couple alternates responsibility.  This is very important.  For the project to be fulfilled, each one must have creative responsibility.  If you find yourself not very creative then you are likely very resourceful, which means you can reach out to people who can support you in getting more creative in that particular date week.  This kind of action is what expresses TRUE LOVE.  It's not the date itself but EVERYTHING that goes into the execution of it.


And finally and very important:

3. Rituals

Rituals are essential to a healthy interpersonal relationship.  They are symbols of intimacy and a shared sense of the couple.  The rituals you choose together and use on a regular basis become an indicator to your SELF that it's time to reduce distance, expand intimacy and create romance. Though you will have regular daily rituals, these are intended to be special and applied to the full 24 hours of the date. Example: Our date night is on Thursdays, our DATE NIGHT rituals begin when we start that day, though our date isn't until we get home from work and into the night.


Don't underestimate the power and impact of managing this aspect of The Date Night Project and choose your rituals "now". NEED SUPPORT? Set up a session with me (form below) and we will drill into the perfect rituals for you.


This a list of common ones:

(Share with us any that you think we should add.)

Choose at least three that you can agree/compromise on and commit to using them every week on "your day".

All day long steal kisses

Find opportunities to pat the butt

Go with no underwear or special underwear

Spoon in the morning

Start off with a shower together

Coffee in bed

Special hidden notes

Sexting and texting all day

Video text or emails

Bubble baths

Hold hands (all day)

Sexy costumesFlower(s) in a vase

Play "your song"

Dance with or without music

Deliver unexpected acts of kindness


Compliment and acknowledge one another

Count down to your evening/outing. (...3 hours to go...)


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