Committed to people getting the results they long for.

Thomas is committed to people getting the results they long for. His unique point of view gets them into action and seeing new possibilities.


Thomas started his coaching career in 1995, and has a talent for inter-personal relationships.

He designed and produced PARTNERS FOR LIFE, a classroom series for couples committed to a lifetime together. That is where he focused his energies until 1997 when he started leading transformational programs with the worlds’ largest personal development company until late 2011.


As a Transformational Leader for 22 years, he has led to and worked with more than 12,000 individuals, supporting them in taking action in areas where they've been stuck and in bringing clarity where they have been indecisive.  


After years of working seriously in the arena and dynamics of couples, he began to realize an underlying phenomena – most were dealing with the symptoms and rarely the source.


This lead to the realization of a need to expand ones’ own personal relationship to Self.  This then created more opportunity to work with individuals as well as couples.

The QUANTUM EVOLUTION, was born a company committed to people having a clear and dynamic ever expanding connection to SOURCE and to SELF.

The MASTER CLASSES are designed to express and fulfill that commitment.    Thomas’ practices and teachings illuminate new growth paths for anyone who works with him.


Thomas Kuster
The Stages Of Love

Tel: 916-459-5704

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