The shift

The Shift: The Practice Of Honoring Life Unfolding. 


It’s no secret that our lives are busy and stressful. Some days are “good”.

Some days are “bad”. Some days, most days, are just ”OK”. It seems that having joy and peace in our everyday living doesn’t even seem possible. Feeling great in our own lives has to wait – for time off or for vacation or “some day”. We start to believe that our own peace, tranquility, and joy is separate and can only be felt when there’s time - some day. But what if some day could be now.

What if you could change some day to your now. What if you could have an unshakable peace and a rock-solid sense of tranquility always and anytime,

all the time, moment by moment.

In this cutting-edge Master Class, Thomas shows how peace and tranquility can be yours in the face of anything that is going on in your life.


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Thomas Kuster
The Stages Of Love

Tel: 916-459-5704

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