Thomas Kuster

Thomas is committed to people getting what they long for. What most say they want is pure, heartfelt love. And a healthy relationship is access to fulfilling that. 

He has trained inside the work of Peter K. Gerlach - Parts and The Internal Family, Patricia McDade - Consulting Alliance, and is certified through the HEARTMATH Institute and the Awakening Coaching Alliance.

The Stages Of Love Master Classes

The Stages Of Love Master Classes and Training are unique and cutting edge.


The Stages Of Love Master Classes provide a clear and structured way to have you see new possibilities, bring clarity where there has been indecision, and action to the areas of your relationship where you may be stuck. 

The Stages Of Love Master Classes and Training
are designed for you and your couple to learn how to connect to your higher SELVES.


In a well-known study, it is revealed that relationships are the number one source of happiness for human beings.  We are social creatures. 


Our intimate relationships are an expression of our most inner selves,  THE EMOTIONAL BODY.

As we examine the dynamics of our relationship patterns and study the development of the EMOTIONAL BODY, we begin to uncover our true nature.

You will learn to bring compassion to that nature, to your humanity. You then have the opportunity to discover the HIGHER SELF, that which is beyond your humanity, the super consciousness that hangs around the heart. 

It is then that relationships begin to flourish in ways

one only dreamed possible.


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