Thomas Kuster 

Thomas kuster

Thomas is committed to people getting the results
they long for.


His unique point of view and his talent with interpersonal relationships helps them to see new possibilities and get quickly into action.


Thomas started his coaching career in 1995. He designed and produced Partners For Life, a classroom series for couples committed to a lifetime versus a life sentence. That’s where he focused his energies until 1997. 


He then went on to leading transformational programs for the world's largest personal development company until late 2011.


During 2013 to 2016, Thomas wrote and launched several series – The Stages Of Love, The Next Best Version, The 7 Stages Of Self Expression, Breathtaking Relationships, Developing Core Competencies, The 30-Day Lovers Challenge, and The Date Night Project.


As a Transformational Leader for 23 years, he has led to and worked with more than 12,500 individuals - supporting them in taking action in areas where they've been stuck and in bringing clarity where they have been indecisive or ineffective. 


After years of working seriously in the arena and dynamics of couples, he saw an interesting pattern – most were spending their time and energy on the symptoms and rarely the cause.


This led to the realization of a need to expand one's own personal relationship to SELF and created more opportunity for Thomas to work with individuals, families, groups, and couples.


The QUANTUM EVOLUTION was born - a company committed to people having a clear and dynamic ever-expanding connection to SELF.


The MASTER CLASSES and Coaching Packages are designed to express and fulfill that commitment.


Thomas’ practices and teachings illuminate new growth paths for anyone who works with him.

The stages of love
Master classes

The Stages Of Love Master Classes and Training's

are unique and cutting edge.


The Stages Of Love Master Classes provide a clear and structured way to have you see new possibilities, bring clarity where there has been indecision,
and action to the areas of life where you may be stuck. 


The Stages Of Love Master Classes and Training's
are designed for you to learn how to

access your connection to SELF.

The heart


In the mastery of opening the heart, and allowing energy to move through, we can experience this new conscious awareness of the Heart Shift and become present to our true essence.  

The shift:

The Practice Of Honoring Life Unfolding

In this cutting edge Master Class Training - 

The Shift: The Practice Of Honoring Life Unfolding – Thomas Kuster shows how peace and tranquility can be yours in the face of anything that is going on in your life


In a well-known study, it is revealed that relationships are the number one source of happiness for human beings.

We are social creatures. 

Our intimate relationships are an expression of our most inner selves,


As we examine the dynamics of our relationship patterns and study

the development of the EMOTIONAL BODY, we begin to uncover our true nature, THE SMALL SELF.
You will learn to bring compassion to that nature, to your humanity.

You then have the opportunity to discover the HIGHER SELF, that which is beyond your humanity, the super consciousness that hangs around the heart. 
It is then that relationships begin to flourish in ways

one only dreamed possible.


30 Day Lovers Challenge

The 30 Day Lovers Challenge will inspire and ignite your intimate relationship.

Stages of love

The Stages Of Love Program will give new depth and understanding to your relationships - and your SELF.

couples blueprint 

Couples Blueprint will create a blueprint beyond
imagination and outside the ordinary.



What do people want most to have their lives fulfilled?

What do you want?

Do you want more clarity?

Less anxiety?


Do you want to enhance your relationships

and have better communication?


Do you want to get healthier and be more productive?


Are you trying to get out of a rut - perhaps break a bad habit? 


Do you need more courage, less fear, more options? Are you up against barriers?


What about getting closer to your goals, fulfilling your dreams?


The sky's the limit with COUPLES COACHING.

You and Thomas will work together getting out of the way,

whatever is in the way,

of you experiencing PURE ALIVENESS.

The kind of energy that brings about more clarity,

less anxiety, and more love in all areas of life.

Specifically, the area that you are most focused on now.

Thomas' practices, teachings, and coaching illuminates new growth paths

for anyone who works with him.



1 Session

A  30 - 45 minute power-packed conversation targeting that which matters most in this current moment. This is very good for those who simply want a boost in current performance or to move through a barrier that has presented itself.


6 Sessions

This package is a total of 180 minutes.  Typically 30 minutes per session for 6 sessions. 
However, they might be used over any period of time as they

do not expire.

The first session will likely run 60 minutes, but your account will only be charged for 30.


12 Sessions

This package is a total of 360 minutes.  Typically used 30 minutes per session for 12 sessions.  However, they might be used over any period of time as they do not expire.

The first session will likely run 60 minutes, but your account will only be charged for 30.


one year

Life is multidimensional.

It requires attention at various levels to accomplish what's really important to you.  This package uses sessions, courses, trainings, practices, and actions customized for the individual, couple, family or group. You create a blueprint beyond imagination and outside

the ordinary. This package is for those that come with a discipline already established around keeping and managing

your word..


Thomas Kuster
The Stages Of Love

Tel: 916-459-5704

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