About Thomas...

His systematic approach, The Heart Path, along with his unique point of view, helps couples and individuals see new possibilities for their relationships. 


Thomas started his coaching career in 1995. He designed and produced a classroom series for couples called Partners For Life, partners committed to living versus a life sentence. 
He then went on to lead transformational programs with the world's largest personal development company. He grew and developed his coaching skills and his understanding of people interacting in couples. 

He has written, designed, and produced training series and e-books – The 7 Stages Of Love, The Next Best Version yourself, The 7 Stages Of Self Expression, Breathtaking Relationships, Developing Core Competencies, The 30-Day Lovers Challenge, and The Date Night Project, naming a few.


He supports couples and individuals in taking action, specifically in areas where they are stuck. Bringing clarity, where they have been indecisive or ineffective. Thomas wastes no time. He will get to the root of any issue quickly and effectively, bringing the relationship to life. As a Transformational Leader for more than 25 years, he has led to and worked with more than 12,500 people.  

Thomas believes in TRUE LOVE; He believes in having LOVE expressed, experienced, and expanded wherever we are, and that is why THE STAGES OF LOVE exists. The MASTER CLASSES and Coaching Packages by design express and fulfill that commitment. 
Thomas' practices and teachings illuminate new growth paths for anyone who works with him.

Committed to people getting the results they long for.

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Tel: 916-459-5704

Email: TheStagesofLove@gmail.com

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